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We've made it to the final program year of the Medicaid Promoting Interoperability Program (aka Meaningful Use)! While there were no changes to the program's measures in this final year, you ARE on a much tighter timeline to attest in 2021. An attestation deadline of 9/30/21 means that you need to stay on top of several things NOW to ensure you can end the program strong and not miss out on your final incentive payment(s). Join Bruce Maki, M-CEITA Regulatory Analyst, as he reviews the implications of this shortened timeline in 2021 and helps to ensure you have what you need in the program's final year. Many clinicians are still eligible for incentives. Join us to ensure you don't miss out on claiming yours. Q & A will follow the presentation.



Achieving Stage 3 requirements of the Medicaid Promoting Interoperability program (aka Meaningful Use) are difficult on their own, but coupled with a multitude of continuous EHR vendor issues, many have found achieving MU to be nearly impossible. However, as many clients who have worked with us know, it IS possible to achieve MU...and with only 2 program years left to earn remaining incentives, there is still time to earn up to $17,000/clinician. 




NOTE: Several slides in the webinar (23:00 in the recording) show an error on page 8 of the PHI Consent Tool. Since the webinar, we have updated the Tool and will continue to do so as changing legislation and regulations dictate. The most current version is available on the MDHHS website: www.michigan.gov/PHIConsentTool. Please use this updated PDF to navigate the release and exchange of PHI.

After viewing the recording of our PHI Consent Tool presentation, please take our post-webinar survey.