Network Security Evaluation

Evaluate Your Network Security to Keep Your Practice and Patients Safe

Ransomware is in the spotlight now and it is just a matter of time before another weakness within your network is potentially exploited resulting in compromised patient records or sensitive data. Ensure your computer systems are in the best position to prevent these attacks by knowing your weaknesses and how to address them.

Evaluating and determining where every weak point is within your network could be a long process requiring a lot of technical expertise. There are most likely more devices connected to your network then you are currently aware of which will result in further hours of analysis. One of these unknown devices could be just the window an attacker needs in order to gain access to sensitive information.



We want your data to be safe and secure, and to put your practice in the best possible position to mitigate a breach.


Hacking incidents only make up one-third of the breaches that occurred so far in 2017, these incidents are responsible for about 60 percent of the victims that have been impacted, or about 1.6 million individuals. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, July 10, 2017. (Retrieved from


Our Network Security Evaluation service will allow your practice to not only know where your weaknesses lie but what you can do to address these weaknesses based on your current budget and resources. We will prioritize weaknesses so you will know which vulnerable systems should be addressed first. The Network Security Evaluation process is quick, simple, and with our suite of tools and extensive security and privacy expertise you will always be evaluated against all of the known vulnerabilities that are in the world today.


To take control of your computer network and prioritize the safety of not only your practice but your patients contact M-CEITA today before the next big ransomware outbreak strikes.

Please see the M-CEITA SRA and Network Security Evaluation fact sheet for more information.






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